Victor Professional rat trap & weka proof tunnel (incl. shipping)

Victor Professional rat trap & weka proof tunnel (incl. shipping)

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Buy a backyard rat trap that comes complete with a custom made wooden weka proof tunnel box to keep the trap safe from curious wekas, pets and children. The tunnel is slightly longer than the standard tunnel.


This price includes GST and shipping throughout NZ (for both urban and rural addresses). Note: We don't ship to the Chatham Islands.  

THERE IS A LIMIT OF 5 TRAPS PER HOUSEHOLD. If you would like to order more than 5, please email us. 


  • Serve up some peanut butter and refresh often.

Where should I put my tunnel and trap?

  • Place them on a flat surface near walls/compost or under cover.
  • If you're not getting results, try a different spot.

    When should I check my tunnel and trap?

    • Preferably daily until you're getting results and the catch rate goes down, then check every 2-3 weeks.
    • The more rats in the area, the more checks you'll need to do.


    • Learn how to set your trap safely here.


    • Traps should be treated with a preserving agent (e.g. paint or fence stain/oil) as the wooden base is not treated. This will lengthen the life of the trap. 
    • Regular maintenance is essential, including checking and oiling springs and trigger mechanisms, weakened springs and broken trigger mechanisms.
    • Traps should be cleaned regularly with a wire brush. This removes mould, fur etc.

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