Our shop sells products and equipment designed to help control invasive predators,
such as rats and possums, from our natural environment.

3 pack of chew cards (incl. shipping)

3 pack of chew cards (incl. shipping)

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Find out what’s lurking in your backyard with the Predator-Free Discovery Kit: Easy-to-use rodent detection cards to discover what pests are lurking in your backyard.

Pest Detector Chew Cards are detection devices specifically designed to detect small pests such as rodents and possums. The cards contain a non-toxic edible lure that encourages them to nibble the cards leaving their teeth marks behind. The bite marks help you to identify what type of rodent it is and set up traps in the right area.

  • Highly palatable to rodents
  • Detects the presence of rats, mice and other small animal pests.
  • Non-toxic
  • Used by DOC (Department of Conservation)
  • The nocturnal nature of rodents means once seen indoors, they are established.
  • Family-friendly activity and education

 Important: Content contains peanuts.

Learn more about how to use chew cards, and if you are looking for more cards, check out a 20 pack option.  

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