Our shop sells products and equipment designed to help control invasive predators,
such as rats and possums, from our natural environment.

20 pack of chew cards

20 pack of chew cards

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Before setting traps, you need to know which predators are on your property and where you get the most activity. That’s where chew cards come in. 

Chew cards are a great way to work out which predators visit your backyard. They are a simple way to detect the presence of a range of predators - rats, mice, stoats, cats, possums and hedgehogs. 

Predators leave unique bite or tooth mark impressions on the chew card, helping to identify which predators are in your backyard. 

The formulation on the cards is highly palatable and non-toxic (with no trace of nuts).  

Learn more about how to use chew cards, and if you are looking for fewer cards, check out a three pack option.

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