PekaPeka Bird Feeder Kit (incl. shipping)
PekaPeka Bird Feeder Kit (incl. shipping)

PekaPeka Bird Feeder Kit (incl. shipping)

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The PekaPeka Bird Feeder is the outcome of a Citizen Science Project, which aimed to design a feeder that was predator resistant and could feed multiple species of birds from the same station. 
Nector-eating birds such as our native tui,  silvereye, kaka and hihi can feed from the  Nectar Nest & Bottle Feeder, while a hook on the underside of the platform allows you to hang any other seed, bread or fruit. 
The PekaPeka fits onto a *waratah/Y Post (a long metal stake), so you have the freedom to place your bird feeder almost anywhere.

The kit includes:

    • PekaPeka Platform
    • PekaPeka Nectar Nest & Bottle Feeder
    • Topflite Hanging Feeder
    • Topflite Energy Truffles
    • Instruction Manual
    • Wild Bird Guide
*Note 1: The PekaPeka Platform is designed to fit on a 1.8m waratah/Y Post. The waratah/Y Post is not included in the kit but can be purchased separately from your local hardware store at a price range of $8 - $13 NZD.
Note 2: We don't ship to the Chatham Islands.  
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