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Bird Feeder Kit (incl. shipping)
Bird Feeder Kit (incl. shipping)
Bird Feeder Kit (incl. shipping)

Bird Feeder Kit (incl. shipping)

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Attract native birds to your garden with the New Zealand designed bird feeder kit.  

Nectar-eating birds such as tūī, bellbird, silvereye, and kākā can drink sugar water from the bottle, and you can hang a wire basket under the platform filled with energy truffles and fruit.  

The PekaPeka Bird Feeder is the outcome of a citizen science project, which aimed to design a feeder resistant to introduced predators and could feed multiple species of birds from the same station. 

The PekaPeka fits onto a waratah/Y post* (a long metal stake), so you can place your bird feeder almost anywhere.

The kit includes

  • PekaPeka platform
  • PekaPeka Nectar Nest & bottle feeder
  • Topflite hanging feeder
  • Topflite energy truffles
  • Instruction manual
  • Wild bird guide

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*The PekaPeka platform should fit on a 1.8m waratah/Y post. The waratah/Y post is not included in the kit but can be purchased separately from your local hardware store at $8 - $13.

Shipping is included in the price of this item.
Note: We don't ship to the Chatham Islands.

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