Goodnature A24 rat trap & counter kit (incl. shipping)

Goodnature A24 rat trap & counter kit (incl. shipping)

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The A24 Trap & Counter Kit for rats and stoats combines the A24 multi-kill trap and Digital Strike Counter to monitor success. It comes with 6 months of gas and an Automatic Lure Pump (ALP) along with a Rodent Detector Kit.

This price includes shipping throughout NZ (for both urban and rural addresses). Note: We don't ship to the Chatham Islands.     

The Digital Strike Counters tells the A24 trap’s kill tally despite scavenging – a very common occurrence with these traps. They are particularly useful on traps around farms, domestic areas and small A24 networks because they paint a clear picture of the true impact of a control programme. 

Maintenance is the key to getting the constant control that a Goodnature traps can provide.

Tested in harsh outdoor environments the A24 is just as happy in a backyard or attic as it is in the bush.


  • The ALP includes 55 grams of Chocolate Formula for Rats.

Where should I put my trap?

  • This kit comes with a Rodent Detector kit — it will help you pinpoint the best place to put your A24 trap.
  • Set your A24 at the exact same sites where rodent interaction has been positively detected from the Rodent Detector Kit.
  • If you're not getting results, try a different spot.

When should I check my trap?

  • The ALP, once activated, will release the lure itself slowly and consistently over the 6 month period. Technically the trap doesn't need to be checked at all until the 6 month replenishments need to be installed.


  • Learn how to set your trap safely here.

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