3 pack of T-Rex rat traps

3 pack of T-Rex rat traps

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Buy a pack of 3 T-Rex traps. These traps kill rats humanely, are easy to use and maintain. They are light weight, portable and inexpensive.

Note: We don't ship to the Chatham Islands.     

These traps should be set in a tunnel as it helps to direct the rat into the trap to ensure it is killed humanely. It also keeps pets and kids out.

How to use

  1. Remove the bait cup from the underside of the T-Rex. Simply twist left to unlock, and pull out.
  2. Fill the bait cup with peanut butter (or your choice of lure) and replace.
  3. To set, squeeze the back end of the trap until you hear it click.
  4. Carefully slide your set trap, bait-end first, into a wooden tunnel box until it’s just inside.
  5. Squeeze the back end to release catches.

Where should I put my tunnel and trap?

  • Place them on a flat surface near walls/compost or under cover.
  • If you're not getting results, try a different spot.

When should I check my tunnel and trap?

  • Preferably daily until you're getting results and the catch rate goes down, then check every 2-3 weeks.
  • The more rats in the area, the more checks you'll need to do.

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